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Biography Alejandro Magno

Alejandro Magno, a great conqueror of the ancient word.

I admire Alejandro Magno because he was one of the greatest conquerors of the world. In Spring of 334 BC, Alejandro formed an army of 30,000 men on foot, and 5,000 men who were on horses with the intention of invading Persia by crossing the Hellespont. Alejandro almost conquered Persia. Another thing that made him a great conqueror was his curiosity for exploration. He conquered Greece. During his youth Arestotle was his mentor.

Aristotle was born in the year 384 BC, in a small town close to Mount Athos Macedonian called Stagira. Aristotle taught him many things. He was young, brave and gifted with intellectual qualities. Alejandro the great king of Macedonia conquered in a short time one of the greatest empires. While characterizing his politics and great ability as a military strategist this allowed him to settle.

His life was short, but we founded a city and decided to call it Alexandria, after his name. The Conquest lasted 8 years and finally he went to India. He admired plants, words, and the Greek culture. The city Bucefalia even honored Alejandro's horse Bucefalo.

He got married with Roxana in 327BC. Later his horse Bucefalo died in 326 BC. Later his army returned to Greece in 323 BC and during his last days of life, he returned to Babylon with a disease that killed him at the age of 33. Alejandro Magno in my opinion was a great person because he led a very interesting life. He was a very important explorer in his time. He has even influenced the way in which people explore and make discoveries today.

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